Incubator Partner Organizations

Our private incubator partners bring unmatched market expertise, entrepreneurial know-how, and networks to C2C innovators.

Decisive Point

Decisive Point is a venture capital firm investing in deep-tech innovations for security, health, energy, and infrastructure.

They amplify outcomes by pairing thoughtful capital allocation with expertise in public R&D funding and navigating the federal market. 

Ryan Benitez

Partner, Decisive Point


Jacqueline Blackburn

Principal, Decisive Point


The Engine

The Engine invests in early-stage companies solving the world’s biggest problems through the convergence of breakthrough science, engineering, and leadership.

Their mission is to accelerate the path to market for Tough Tech companies through the combination of capital, infrastructure, and network.

Ben Downing

Vice President of Public Affairs, The Engine

Alex Grant

Director of Programs, The Engine



OneValley is a global entrepreneurship platform that supports entrepreneurs, accelerates startups, and empowers organizations across the globe that foster innovation communities. 

“Our mission at OneValley is simple: Democratize the resources of Silicon Valley and share them with the global community.”

Alec Wright

Chief Product Officer, OneValley

Alex Fang

Director of Social Impact, OneValley