Domain Experts

Leading experts across buildings, nuclear energy, renewables, and smart grid technologies converge at C2C

Our domain experts help C2C hone in on the right climate technologies to commercialize using extensive scientific expertise and market understanding.

Domain Leads

Domain Chairs


Lori Brasse

Nuclear Business Development Executive, Idaho National Lab


Melisaa Lapsa

Building Technologies Program Manager, Oak Ridge National. Lab

Smart Grid

Mark Petri

Grid Security and Resilience Lead, Argonne National Lab


Galen Barbose

Electricity Markets and Policy Department Research Scientist, Berkeley Lab


Nicholas DeForest

Principal Scientific Engineer Associate, Berkeley Lab

Technology Transfer and Business Leads

Shanshan Li

Principal Technology Commercialization Associate, Berkeley Lab

Andreana C. Leskovjan

Commercialization Manger, Oak Ridge National Lab

Yeonjin Bae

R&D Associate Staff, Oak Ridge National Lab

Ryan Bills

Senior Commercialization Manager, Idaho National Laboratory

John Harvey

Commercialization Programs Manager, Argonne National Laboratory

Denise Bertsch

Commercialization Manger, Idaho National Lab

Domain Workshop Experts 

William Barkis

Head of Grand Challenges & Ecosystem Development, LG

Sabah Baxamoosa

Business Development Director, OneValley

Jake Chapman

Managing Director, Marque Venture Capital

Jeremy Conrad

Founder, Stealth Startup

Leslie Dewan

Co-founder & CEO, Radiant Nano

Sam Dixon

Net-Zero Program Manager, Idaho National Lab

Jason Duva

General Counsel, Factorial Energy

Kira Gardner

Energy Portfolio Program Manager, Defense Innovation Unit

Corey Glickman

Vice President of Sustainability & Design, Infosys

Charlotte Hamilton

CEO, Conamix

Ethan Klein

Government Venture Fellow, The Engine

Ji Yoon Lee

Operations Services Specialist, American Public Power Association

Keeley MacAfee

Associate, Decisive Point

Ming Ong

Director of Product Management, Sunrun

Nicholas Ryan

Building Technologies Office STP Fellow, Department of Energy

Rana Saad

Director of Industry Partnerships, LG

Tex Schenkkan

Director, National Security Innovation Capital

Joshua Simulcik

Operational Energy Team Lead, Army Futures Command

Alex Williams

President, Innovyz USA

Saad Youssefi

CEO, Novus Sentry

Peter Lobaccaro

CEO, Technology Manager, Manufacturing & Competitiveness Team, Solar Energy Technologies Office, U.S. Department of Energy 

Robin Johnston

CEO, Strategic Industry Engagements and Entrepreneurship Lead, Biosciences, Berkeley Lab/JBEI

Alex Lemke

Sr. Advisor External Affairs and Tech Transfer, Wind Energy Technologies Office, U.S. Department of Energy

Laine Klopfenstein

Senior Analyst, Innoyz USA

Natalie Pawelski

Co-Founder, Story & Reach Communications

Xiaobing Liu

Senior R&D Staff and Group Leader, Oak Ridge National Lab

Sander Cohan

U.S. Innovation Head, National Grid

Lakshana Huddar

Associate, The Engine

Christian Thatcher

Climate Technology Investment Vice President, Fifth Wall

Robert Meagley

Technology Manager and Scientist, Solar Energies Technology Office, U.S. Department of Energy

Patrick White

Project Manager, Nuclear Innovation Alliance

Evelyn Butler

Vice President of Technical Services, Solar Energy Industries Association

Juan Scarlett

Managing Director, OneValley Ventures

Charlie McCartney

CEO, Mccartney Energy Consulting

Jake Gentle

Program Manager, Idaho National Lab

David Pelly

Energy Tech Investor, Advisor, & Entrepreneur, Research Ventures

Brenden Russell

Technology Strategy Principal Manager, Southern California Edison

Kirsten Hillyer

Commercialization Program Manager, U.S. Department of Energy

Dr. Andrew Higier

Energy Portfolio Managing Director, Defense Innovation Unit

Austin Blackmon

Principal, Earthshot Ventures

Eric Meyer

Principal, Activate Capital

Connie Lausten

Senior Director of Fuels and Commercial Policy

Joe Hicken

Head of Policy, Sublime Systems

Janak Agrawal

Software Engineer, Autogrid

Elise Joseph

Power & Energy S&T Portfolio Director, Army Futures Command HQ