C2C Code of Conduct

Cradle to Commerce (C2C hereafter) is committed to providing a safe, productive, and professional environment for all participants within the C2C program and community. We expect all participants of the C2C program and community to help foster a positive culture consistent with our organizational values. To that end, we provide the following set of guidelines for managing behaviors when participating in C2C programming and events.

All attendees, legion and cohort members, applicants, speakers, sponsors, mentors, scientists in residence, entrepreneurs, domain experts, domain chairs, volunteers, vendors, contractors, partners, donors, C2C Advisory Board members, C2C Management Office team members, and other non-employees (collectively, the “C2C Community”) should abide by this code of conduct (the “C2C Code of Conduct”) at all C2C programming and events, in all interactions with each other, and in all interactions among community members posting, commenting, or otherwise engaging with our social media channels (collectively, “C2C Events”). Your cooperation is essential to help ensure a safe, productive, and professional environment for all individuals in the C2C Community.

C2C has developed guiding behavioral principles for the C2C Community. These guidelines constitute minimum standards of relational behavior, and a framework for productive discussion and feedback. The examples given below are not exhaustive and are provided for purposes of illustration. As in any professional environment, we expect all members of the C2C Community to use good judgment and treat everyone with dignity and respect. By participating as part of the C2C Community in or with a C2C Event, you are expected to adhere to these principles and accept constructive feedback regarding behavior that falls outside these norms.

Treat others with courtesy and respect — Practice empathy, show compassion, and offer help when you can. Although you may have a different point of view or disagreements with others, keep your C2C communications calm and respectful. When conflicts arise, see what you can learn from another’s point of view. C2C will not tolerate any form of harassing, discriminating, bullying, or derogatory conduct.

Act with integrity — Be honest and stay true to your words and commitments. Keep your meetings and respect others’ time by coming prepared and ready to engage.

Be open-minded, inclusive, and respectful — Strive to be open in sharing ideas, insights, and feedback with others, as well as in sharing your own questions, challenges, and accomplishments. Keep an open mind to the ideas, feedback, and perspectives shared by others in the group. While doing so, understand that the C2C Community involves people from many different walks of life. Recognize that someone else’s frame of reference is likely different from your own. We respect every person and, as a community, we seek to prioritize personal development in ourselves and others. Look for opportunities to invite people with perspectives different from your own into discussions and group interactions and promote the voices of others.

Practice active listening, allowing people to finish their sentences, and noticing when you might be interrupting, talking over, or otherwise discouraging another point of view. Respectful behavior includes:

Respect boundaries — Everyone brings their own level of comfort with interpersonal interaction into the C2C Community, including when it comes to personal space and physical touch. Don’t make assumptions about what might be comfortable for someone else. If you’re unsure, ask. Pay attention to your own boundaries as well. If you are uncertain about someone’s intention, you can ask for clarification. We hope that you will feel safe and empowered to stand up for yourself if you feel that you have been treated unfairly, but if not, we are available to help. Please reach out to us at c2c-team@lbl.gov.

Upstander Intervention — Do not be a passive bystander where you observe or become aware of conduct that violates the C2C Code of Conduct.

Be present — While in larger groups, if you need to take a call or spend more than a moment sending a message or checking your email, step out of the room. While in smaller groups (i.e., less than four people) or during one-on-one meetings, be considerate and avoid taking calls, sending messages, or checking email, to the extent possible.


Your attendance at, or participation in, or with, any C2C Event means you agree to abide by this C2C Code of Conduct. We expect C2C Community members to be part of the solution in creating a safe, productive, and professional space for everyone in the C2C Community. If you believe this C2C Code of Conduct has been violated, or have any other concerns, we encourage that you first consider speaking respectfully and professionally with the offending person. When such a direct conversation is not possible or comfortable, please report concerns immediately to c2c-team@lbl.gov.

If a member of the C2C Community engages in inappropriate behavior or otherwise violates the C2C Code of Conduct, C2C may take any action it deems appropriate, including but not limited to, warning or expelling the offender from the event with no refund. Violations on social media may be subject to immediate removal or access being blocked by moderators.

If you have any questions about the C2C Code of Conduct or suggestions on how we might improve, please contact c2c-team@lbl.gov.